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Jhonny Foster
Jhonny Foster
July 28, 2023
Howell's team was absolutely efficient and professional, and they did a fantastic job with the repair. I appreciated the prompt and efficient service. Without this guy's help, I would still be struggling to fix my own garage door. His skills and knowledge pleased me a lot. Thank you for always helping me out! Now I don't have any stressful days to face! Recommendable service!
Rain Auburn
Rain Auburn
July 27, 2023
It was excellent work that Howell did for us. He was right on time and fixed our broken garage door with ease and professionalism. I am glad I found this awesome company. He took care to make repairs and explained what the issue was. He was a pleasure to work with, and I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of accurate service.
Lenore Payton
Lenore Payton
July 26, 2023
Howell showed up on time. He was kind and professional. In today's world, such qualities are rare. I recently had the pleasure of hiring Howell to fix a nagging issue with my garage door, and I must say, he exceeded all my expectations! From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of outstanding. His genuine concern for customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

Your garage door isn't just a gateway to your abode, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to the outside of your house, ensures safety and offers ease for all Dallas homeowners. It enhances curb appeal, provides security, and offers convenience for every homeowner in Dallas. Maintaining it regularly can prevent potential garage door issues from escalating into major problems that could disrupt your daily routine or compromise the safety of your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

An attractive garage door significantly improves a house's exterior look. In fact, real estate experts often cite a well-maintained garage doors as one key factor in boosting property value.

Safety and Security Features

Beyond aesthetics though are the safety features embedded within modern-day garage doors. These include sensors that detect objects or people in its path while closing.

Ease And Convenience Of Us

Last but not least is the ease of use provided by automatic openers which allow you to operate them without having to leave your car - handy during inclement weather conditions.

Maintenance Is Key To Longevity

To keep these benefits intact over time requires regular maintenance checks by Howe Garage Door Repair professionals who have expertise in all aspects related to garage doors including installation, repair, and servicing.

Howell Garage Door - Your Trusted Partner in Dallas

If you're looking for a superior garage door company in the heart of Texas, look no further than Howell Garage Door Repair. Howell Garage Door Repair has been serving homeowners throughout Dallas and Fort Worth metro area with unmatched professionalism.

(469) 414-9319

High-Quality Products from Howell Garage Door

Their commitment to high-quality products garage doors is evident through their extensive range of services.

A Decade-Long Legacy

With over ten years under its belt, Howell Garage Door has honed its expertise in all things related to your home's largest moving part: the humble yet vital garage doors. No matter what type or model graces your property, our expert technicians have seen it all before and repaired it too. Diverse Services To Meet All Needs Our team at Howell not only handles repairs but offers comprehensive day-to-day maintenance services as well. We can install new systems including latest models like smart openers which bring added convenience into busy lives while increasing overall security levels around homes.
- The dedicated team behind every successful project
This motto drives everything they do ensuring each customer receives best-in-class service time after again.

Benefits Of Hiring Superior Garage Doors Specialists In Dallas- Fort Worth Metro Area

If you're a homeowner in the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, it's crucial to have trusted experts for your garage door needs. The Howell Garage Door Repair team brings professionalism and prompt service response times that are second to none.

Prompt Service Response Times

When dealing with garage doors, time is often of the essence. Renowned for their swift responses, ensure homeowners aren't left waiting during critical moments.

Safety First Approach by Expert Technicians

Customer safety is the utmost priority for this howell garage door repair, whose expert technicians provide swift responses to ensure homeowners are not left waiting during critical moments.

High-Quality Products For Longevity And Performance

A key aspect setting apart this supreme business from others is its commitment towards using high-quality products in every project they undertake. This not only ensures longevity but also enhances performance over time resulting in long-term cost savings for customers.